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Chester then and now
I moved to Chester during 2001 and although I can’t really call myself a true Cestrian (I was actually born in Northamptonshire).  I feel as though I’ve spent enough of my time here to really feel part of what is an amazing city.  As you could probably tell by most of my images on FlickR I do like photographing Chester but I’m always surprised how much of the hidden gems of Chester seem to go unnoticed to the everyday visitor.  Some parts of Chester have changed over the years but some parts have remained exactly the same and it was only recently when I dug out some old postcards did this give me the inspiration for my next photo project – “Chester Then and Now”.

I have always thought it would make a good photo project to recapture a modern day image of my Chester postcard collection but I have always been put off by potential copyright issues (as I would need to post an image of the original postcard).  During the research for this project I happened to google one of the names on the reverse of one of the postcards a certain “F. Frith & Co”.  What I discovered was the Francis Frith collection and the BBC series “Britain’s First Photo Album” in which John Sergeant retraces Frith's footsteps, hoping to find the exact spots where some of The Francis Frith Collection images were taken and then take his own picture.  A few emails later with the Library Manager for The Francis Frith Collection I established that there are infact 201 images of Chester (some of which I already have as postcards) and that I have permission to post these on my website and use as a start for this project.

For each image that I will be recapturing I will be trying to recreate the original image in as much detail as possible including the exact location, composition, focal length etc.  I have a new blog for this project which will contain a copy of the original The Francis Frith Collection image (used with permission) and also my version of that image:


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